Shirt Basics

Shirts that don't require cufflinks should have one button at the cuff and a small "chisel" where the heel of your hand cocks back. If you want a slightly more formal style-but still no links-wear a shirt with barrel cuffs, which have two buttons and no chisel.

Some unenlightened dressers think French cuffs are stuffy. They're not. You can wear a shirt with cuffs that fasten with links, not buttons, every day-even with jeans and a blazer. Just be sure to calibrate the formality of the hardware-silk knots are better for daytime than 14-karat gold- and never leave the cuffs unfolded and trailing out your sleeve, or you'll look like the fourth tenor.

A collar shape-whether it's spread, long point, or another style that flatters your face, your build, and your personal aesthetic is crucial. It can be the best argument for having your shirts custom-made.

The quality of the buttons will clue you in to the quality of the shirt. A well-made one should have thick, triple-stacked, mother-of-pearl buttons-not flimsy plastic disks that crack in half on the first trip to the dry cleaner. It should also have a gauntlet button- that's the one between the wrist and the elbow that allows you to roll your sleeves up neatly.

Like sheets, shirts come in thread counts from low to luxuriously high. Some companies make shirts with thread counts as high as 180. But the truth is, you're better off with good, serviceable cotton. Extremely high grades may b.e silkier, but they wear out faster and cost more. There are many weaves for shirts from the casual oxford and chambray to the smooth pima and Sea Island.

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Rules of Style

Take an honest look in the mirror and be realistic on how you look. coming to terms with your body type can be liberating. Once you start wearing suits and trousers that is cut precisely to you fit, you will realize that no man looks elegant in a too tight jacket or baggy pants. 80% of style is having the right clothes for the occasion. Dress codes may have relaxed in recent years, but there are still rules. When in doubt, err on the formal side- and if you're going to a business meeting or a cocktail party, you're better off wearing a ties.

It's okay to wear a uniform. If you feel most comfortable in a charcoal suit with a pale tie and a pocket square, wear a variation on that outfit five days a week. Powerful men have signature looks .

Don't try to dress like a movie star unless you are one. Just because Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp can pull it off doesn't mean you can.Go ahead and experiment with  trends now and then, but don't wear a porkpie hat because you saw a celebrity do it.

Classics are classics for a reason. Men's style have changed over the past hundred 100 years. You shouldn't be the person who tries to break the mold. 

When you're dressing make sure that you consider the whole look. Your jacket, shirt, tie, pants and shoes might all be great pieces but do they work together? Stylish dressing is about creating an overall effect.

Be inquisitive. If a friend is looking particularly sharp go ahead and find out where he buys his threads. Chances are his answer will broaden your horizons.

Don't try to hard. Strive for being stylish rather that fashionable and remember that the most important person to dress for is you.

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How to Care for Suede Shoes

We explain how to protect your textured lace-ups. 

1. Prep new shoes, especially light colored ones, with a water and stain protector, such as one by Meltonian. The spray repels liquids, whether from a downpour or a spelled martini.

2. Use a shoe brush to take off superficial dirt and dust. Then spruce up the shoes, particularly if its cream or tan, with a cleaner. to combat fading, apply a light color in same tone as your shoes

3. Suede's natural texture makes it a dust and dirt magnet. Put shoe trees in your shoes and store them in plastic or canvas bags - not the felt ones that often come with the shoes. Those will just add lint.

Whether wing tips,captoes, or unadorned lace-ups, suede shoes in earthly tones are a solid  foundation for any warm weather wardrobe.

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Dress Codes, Formality, and Knowing What to Wear

The second most-common failing in most men's clothing is the simple error of showing up for an event either over- or under-dressed. The former is harder to do than the latter, but still awkward -- a tuxedo will stand out anywhere that isn't black-tie, and a matched suit looks strange outside of formal business settings or particularly dressy social occasions. Conversely, wearing casual trousers and an informal, patterned jacket or no jacket at all can be a serious disadvantage in high-stakes (and high-formality) dealings.

The first and easiest way to be sure of wearing the right thing is to follow the dress code, if one is offered -- most social occasions will include this information in an invitation. Understanding the basic terminology makes wardrobe choices significantly easier:

White Tie
Rarely seen on modern invitations, white tie is the most formal of dress codes. It includes tailcoats, piped trousers, and white waistcoats, and is prohibitively expensive for most men. Unless you happen to attend jet-set dinners or work for very large charities, you're unlikely to ever face the white tie code.

Black Tie
Black tie or evening dress means that a black or midnight blue dinner jacket and matching trousers is expected. A silk bow tie is the only appropriate neck wear (matched to the lapel facings) and patent leather pumps or highly-polished
Oxfords are theonly shoes that should be worn. The shirt should be white, French-cuffed, and fastened with studs.

Black Tie Optional
Black tie optional is frequently used for ceremonies where the participants will be formally dressed, but want to spare their guests the necessity of owning or renting a tuxedo. A solid, dark suit with a dark tie and a white undershirt is perfectly appropriate at these events, but anything patterned is too informal. Once again, shoes should be unadorned black Oxfords.

Semi-Formal or Business Dress
Semi-formal or business dress should not be confused with casual or business-casual; a suit is still expected. The fabric should be dark and patterning kept to a minimum, and the shirt should be unobtrusive and light-colored. A tie is necessary, as are simple, conservative shoes and belt.

Business-Casual or Dress-Casual
Business-casual or dress-casual implies that a tie in particular is optional, and in some circles also indicates that a jacket can be omitted or replaced with a sweater, vest, or similar garment. The shirt must still be collared, and dress trousers are expected. Any leather dress shoe is appropriate.

Casual is not anything-goes; any event that bothered to provide a dress code still expects attendees to look neat and well-presented. However, jeans and casual shirts including polo or golf shirts are appropriate, and dress shorts may also be considered within bounds in hot weather. Leather sandals, moccasins, or boat shoes may be worn.

When no specific code is given, it may be best to err on the side of conservative dress and wear clothing that can be adjusted necessary -- a suit that proves to be too formal can be dressed down by removing the tie, or the jacket of a casual outfit can be set aside to leave you with a simple collared shirt and trousers.

When more casual codes are in place, resist the temptation to throw on an old polo and a pair of khakis; the result will be looking like every other schlub in the room. Practice the art of dressing up while dressing down instead: wear light, loose sportcoats with active patterns and softer colors to look casual without losing the flattering shape of a well-cut jacket. In the summer heat, lightweight materials can keep trousers and long-sleeved shirts a viable option -- and there's always the American classic of the seersucker suit, the very epitome of Southern casual.

Overall, it's easy to avoid being the wrong-dressed man if you keep your wardrobe versatile enough to conform to different dress codes and pay attention to expectations at public events. And in general, remember that it's always safer to be overdressed than under, since clothes can be removed but not added (without a trip home, at least).

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A Guide to Men's Dress Shoes

As for specific types of shoes to wear with specific styles of pants, here are a few

Wear your khakis with...

1. For a classic look, wear your khakis with a pair of loafers to achieve traditional American business style. Another sure bet are simple oxfords.

2. For a preppy look, wear khakis with a slick pair of penny loafers.

Wear your 4-pocket pants and dress pants with...

1. For a more casual look, step into a handsome pair of monk strap shoes; their subtle buckle will give you a refined European look.

2. For the typical American businessman look, wear your dress pants with a pair of loafers or oxfords.

3. More casual 4-pocket pants can be paired with loafers or dress boots.

Wear your suits with...

1. Solid color: Every man should own a pair of black leather cap-toe lace-up oxfords; they're a staple in any professional wardrobe.

2. Pinstripe: Pinstripes evoke a sharper and bolder air; you don't want to compromise it with stuffy or clunky looking shoes. Instead, opt for a black wing-tip brogue, a lower heeled version of the traditional oxford that is distinct by virtue of its decorative perforations.

3. Trendy: Finally, ankle boots with a square or elongated pointy toe are riding high if you're seeking up-to-the-minute style.

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What Makes a Man? Fashion Styles


Have you ever thought that a well dressed man is more respectable and adorable. It gives him the confidence since people are paying some attention to his outfit.

Here are some tips on how to dress well.
  • Dress according to your age and complexion of the body. Always remember that everything you see on the others will not necessarily be good for you and sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Choose your attire according to your daily repertoire. You should always be careful on choosing the right clothes for every gathering or for just a daily basis. Sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of choosing the right clothing for a designated event and it will make us look and feel funny.
  •  Choose your clothes according to your lifestyle. You must understand that each of us has a different lifestyle, the way we live and the way we think.

Men’s fashion is like a pen we usually express our thoughts or our ideas on a writing pad, likewise our clothes reflect on who we are, our personality, the way we act and think. That is why making the right choice will be the fundamentals of fashion. Just like women’s fashion it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress in a stylish like them.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right fashion for you;
  • The body is blending. Considering the skin color, eye color and skin tones
  • Choosing the right shirt. This would be depending on the event that you will attend to. Is it for working or for partying? Consider also the prints of the shirt.
  • Choosing the jeans to wear. Jeans should be matched to your body fit. There are different types of jeans to choose from we have straight cut, flare leg, wide leg and low rise. It's up to your taste what will you choose.
  • Accessories and Shoes. Shoes and other accessories are just as important in defining the kind of man you are as your clothes. It’s make your attire more creative and unique
Find fashion for dudes. DapperLook lets guys share, find and recommend fashion!

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