Halloween Costume Ideas

Let me just say that women have it easier on Halloween. I have compiled a few outfit ideas for you clueless monsters out there.

Captain Jack Sparrow

If you can pull off that bad-ass pirate look like Johnny Depp then why not? 

300 Spartan Deluxe

Well, since girls have an excuse of wearing practically nothing during this occasion, why can't you? The more muscles, the better. For those countless hours spent on the gym, I think you deserve to just show it off!


Now this would look great with your girl. Plus she gets to be in this sexy outfit that matches yours, so cheesy. But I'm sure she will absolutely love this idea.

US Navy Seal 

Admit it! You have somehow dreamed to be on this one. Women love men in uniform and this would be just what you need to get all 'em girls.

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How to dress for the gym

Anyone who frequents the gym knows that a vast number of guys fail to
wear the proper attire. How often have you seen some guy on the bench
press wearing jeans or cargo pants? Worse yet, have you ever had the
displeasure of witnessing a man doing squats in spandex shorts?

The gym is perhaps the most important setting to wear the proper
clothing because sporting baggy clothes, too-long track pants, or illfitting
shoes may result in injury. And since you're trying to dress well to
avoid getting hurt, you might as well be fashionable too. Many men take
their gym clothing for granted, throwing on an old shirt and some
sweatpants. They figure that they'll just sweat all over it anyway, so why
wear something nice?

This attitude, however, will get you nowhere; the gym is just like any
other setting in your life where it is important to be fashionable. You are
as likely to meet a potential girlfriend or boss at the gym as you are at the
mall. Why look good in one setting and not in another?

T-shirt, for three reasons: White does not radiate heat as well as
darker colors, making it harder to stay cool; it picks up dirt and stains
easily; and we all know what happens to white T-shirts when they get
wet. If you sweat through it, everyone will know about your third

You should also avoid A-shirts, those thin white tank tops often associated
with domestic abuse. If you are adamant about having your
"guns" show, just wear a sleeveless shirt instead of a tank top. And
please, for everybody's sake, even if you can bench press 350 pounds,
don't wear one of those ridiculous tank tops with spaghetti strap-like
pieces of fabric that hold it together and leave your pecs exposed.


A wise woman once said: "Wearing spandex is a privilege, not a right."
For women, that's probably true. For men, it's neither a privilege nor a
right; it's a very, very bad mistake. If you have some medical or athletic
reason to wear form-fitting spandex shorts, wear longer shorts to cover
them up.

Your best bet here are simple cotton or mesh gym shorts that don't
extend more than an inch or two below the knees. These shorts should
be worn at or slightly below your waist, not hanging off your butt—you
aren't in a rap video.

Don't: Sweatpants are fine, but probably not the most fashionable
choice. There really isn't any reason to be wearing long pants at the gym,
unless you are self-conscious about your legs. In this case, there are
more stylish exercise pants sold by Adidas and Nike.

Shoes and socks

With so many versatile and stylish athletic shoes on the market, it
shouldn't be hard to find a pair that is functional and that also appeals to
your personal taste.

Never wear any kind of shoe other than a sneaker because you won't
get the arch support you need during a rigorous workout.
Stick to white, cushiony socks, or a variation on white. Colored and
patterned socks do not mix with the gym.

Don't: Don't wear socks that come up much past your ankle.


Hats are generally a bad idea. They can get in the way of your weightlifting.
They also trap heat coming off your head, making it harder for you
to stay cool. Also, most people do not wash their hats as often as they
wash their other clothes, so they can develop a less-than-savory odor
rather quickly.

Don't: Headbands are generally ridiculous—unless you're playing
basketball or tennis, and even then, proceed with caution.

General tips

Go with gloves

Weight gloves are a good idea if you do a fair amount of weight training
because callused hands aren't attractive. Find a very breathable pair or
they will start to smell like your hat.

Ditch the jewelry

Only wear a watch if you must. In that case, make sure it is a plastic,
lightweight sports watch. Other than the watch, you should leave your
jewelry at home, as it will only get in your way.

Towels aren't terrible

If your gym provides a towel, use it. If it doesn't, bring one. There are few
things grosser than sitting on a bench and realizing you are in a puddle
of the last guy's sweat. Don't be that guy.

Bring extra clothes

If you do intense cardio before weights, you will sweat all over the gym.
To avoid this problem, you might want to consider bringing a change of
jewelry at home, as it will only get in your way.

Towels aren't terrible

If your gym provides a towel, use it. If it doesn't, bring one. There are few
things grosser than sitting on a bench and realizing you are in a puddle
of the last guy's sweat. Don't be that guy.

Bring extra clothes

If you do intense cardio before weights, you will sweat all over the gym.
To avoid this problem, you might want to consider bringing a change of
clothes for the rest of your workout, as you will likely sweat through
your first set of clothes.

Wear matching colors

Many guys who manage to wear functional clothing still don't look as
fashionable as they could at the gym. You would never wear a maroon
shirt with orange pants on a date, so why would you wear it at the gym?
It isn't necessary to purchase ready-to-wear exercise ensembles—that's
going a little far. But if you are wearing a gray shirt with a black logo,
why not wear black shorts with it? It's not hard to put in that extra effort
to match, and you never know when that cute girl on the elliptical
trainer might be looking your way.

Pumping iron in style

Wearing functional clothing at the gym is important for practical reasons,
but keeping fashion in mind is also a good idea. So even if your
clothes are still relatively functional, but are beginning to look a little
dingy and/or worn out, it's time to purchase some replacements. With
your gym attire in control, you can now focus on more important things
at the gym—like watching your form or getting Elliptical Girl's number.

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Don't Wear These Sweaters


Bill Cosby's sweaters are the butt of jokes for a reason. By all means, experiment with sweaters in brightly colored stripes-preferably lean-cut crew-necks but steer clear pf any pattern so loud you wouldn't wear it to work. And never wear a printed sweater with anything but solid-colored shirts and trousers.


No article of clothing in your closet should be pegged to a holiday. The only excuses for wearing a "festive" sweater: You're a kindergarten teacher, you're a kids TV presenter, or your grandmother gave it to you-and you're at her house.


An alpine-inspired sweater can be stylish-think a small-scale wintry print worn with jeans on the weekends- but an oversize, chunky-knit sweater bearing reindeers isn't appropriate anywhere off the slopes, or on them either.

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The Perfect Fit: Sweaters


With limited exceptions-certain styles of cardigans are supposed to be roomy-sweaters should be cut close to your body. Choose pullovers that are snug enough to be worn comfortably under a jacket but not so tight that you couldn't wear them over a collared shirt.


The best judge for whether a sweater fits you properly is the shoulders. Go down a size until the seam sits as close as possible to the center of each shoulder. Stop when the seam starts to creep toward your collarbone and well before the hem of the sweater starts to creep up your torso.


A sweater that's-bulky at the waist flatters no man (this is especially true with turtlenecks). A pullover should skim the sides of your torso but be long enough to cover your waistband.

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Sweater Styles: Which One Do You want?



Soft cashmere sweaters provide warmth without bulk. Wear with
flannel pants or under a jacket.


Cotton sweaters often get overlooked, but they are perfect for
cool summer evenings.



Crewneck pullovers are winter staples. Liven them up with a little
color and pair with dark jeans and classic dress shoes .


It's more stylish than a crewneck, but requires you to think about
what you're going to wear under it before you throw it on.



Some patterned sweaters should be reserved solely for the ski team,
but the updated Fair Isle can be safely worn with faded jeans.


This textured sweater is as suited to the office as it is to the weekend.
Pair with a shirt and a tie or wear with chinos.


Sometimes a sweater is best used as an outer layer. Heavy wool provides
warmth and comfort.



A turtleneck should be in every man's wardrobe. Wear one under a
suit and with flat-front trousers.


A thin cardigan can lend the samepolished look as a tailored jacketwith
a lot more comfort.


The Irish fisherman's sweater is a classic utilitarian design. Make sure you wear
 it in a trimmer style

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Sweater Options This Fall



You've got options here. The roll neck, however, that holdover from your undergrad days, is not one of them. Vet the last from your closet if you haven't already.


A crewneck is, well, a crewneck, and a pullover with  the classic neckline plays as well over a shirt and tie as it does over a white T-shirt. Just calibrate the material: A cotton crewneck will work with jeans and tees for a laid-back event; a cashmere one can go over a collared shirt to cocktails.


There are regrettable V-neck sweaters- from aggressively preppy cream-colored cable-knits to ones that expose swaths of chest hair. Your collection should contain neither. Keep an arsenal of thin wool and cashmere pullovers with shallow V cuts to wear over collared shirts, with or without ties. Sweaters that have deep V-necks aren't taboo, just wear a fitted T-shirt underneath and take a look in the mirror before you leave the house to make sure you're not doing an inadvertent Burt Reynolds impression.


The turtleneck category isn't as big a minefield as it seems. As long as you avoid bulk-not only in the cut, which should be slim, but in the material, which should be very lightweight and free of thick ribbing and eye-popping colors, you can make the sweater a regular part of the rotation in fall and winter.


Cardigans survived associations with grandpas and grunge to become a modern classic. A slim-fitting black or gray cashmere version can elevate jeans and a white T-shirt to cocktail-hour attire. Unless the look is deliberately fusty- an oversize nubby wool style meant for winter weekends, for example- yours should be snug and made from high-quality material.


If you're buying sweaters woven from top-quality wool and cashmere, you're probably hearing a lot about ply. Ply refers to the number of yarns used in the· knitting-a higher ply means a heavier sweater, not a better quality one. Winter cashmere, for example, tends to be four to six ply, while the summer breed is usually no more than two ply. The bottom line: Look for 100 percent wool, cashmere, or cotton, and choose based on the season and how much layering you plan on doing. Cotton sweaters wear like another shirt layer. Wool adds warmth. Cashmere adds warmth with minimal thickness- and ultimately, it makes for the most versatile sweaters. You're not a snob to prefer

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Wear This Instead

I have seen a lot of guys walking past by me who could've donned a better look if I had only given them some pointers. What I am going to to offer is not changing your style entirely, but giving you  more polished look.  So what does a "polished look" really mean? 

Most men are known to choose comfort rather than style when choosing what to wear for the day. I have juggled up a few items that might help you give that edge.

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T-shirt Don'ts

Don't wear t-shirts with Logos or slogans

Leave the "Vote for Pedro" or "Do You Yahoo?" gimmicks to the people who've got nothing better to say. And your "I'm Only Two Girls Short of a Threesome" T-shirt? It's not doing you any favors.

Don't Tuck a t-shirt into jeans

You are not a 70-year-old veteran on his way to Costco for a jumbo pack of Tasty Beef Flavor Kibbles and Chunks.

Don't Roll

Do not roll up your sleeves to show off the hours you've spent pumping your biceps and triceps. Plain and simple, you will look  like a chump.

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How Your T-Shirt Should Fit


Skintight T-shirts say only one thing: meathead. Either cut back on the protein shakes or find a T-shirt that covers your body without hugging it.


A T-shirt that touches your knees is something your girlfriend wore when she was on grade-school sleepovers. Yours should be long enough to tuck in but it shouldn't hang below your hips.



When choosing a polo, think of it as you would a regular shirt and figure out which style and brand works for your body shape and size-many of the leading brands have recently introduced slimmer silhouettes that look more modern. A word on the polo shirt collar: it was designed so that it could be turned up to block sunlight. But choose your moment-on the beach is appropriate., at a sales conference isn't. Be a turned-up collar user, not an abuser.

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Casual Shirt Basics


Every man needs a pile of freshly laundered, well-cut white T-shirts to call his own. Paired with the right items, tees are adaptable enough to be worn under a sport jacket or just with jeans or chinos. Reliable Hanes are good for layering under sweaters and collared shirts, but spring for finer-gauge varieties if you're going to wear the shirt solo.



This variation on the classic tee is best limited to
lounging around at home or at the beach. Pair with
jeans or chinos.


Not all polo shirts are created equal. The loose knit pique cotton shirts first designed by tennis player Rene Lacoste back in 1929 have become a classic that's found favor with everyone from prepsters to rappers. Note: Unless you're Jay-Z, a loose shirt isn't a good look.


Named after the shirts worn by the rowers of Henleyon-Thames in England, the modern version of the henley is a collarless top, usually of woven cotton, with buttons running down the chest. The henley can be worn with jeans or even dark trousers to an informal event as an alternative to the T-shirt. Avoid looking like a fop from an Evelyn Waugh novel by choosingone that's slim fitting and undoing the top coupleof buttons.


As anyone who's ever played the game of rugby can testify that the durability of the uniform is a natural wonder. Taken out of its sporting context, the rugby shirt is a fun, masculine top you can wear to Sunday brunch. The more you wear and wash it the. better it gets, as the thick cotton breaks down and becomes mote worn in. Rugby shirts work best in bold horizontal stripes, but don't go crazy-too many primary hues and you'll look like a presenter on Playhouse Disney.

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Decoding Clothing Colors

When selecting an outfit to make an impression, whether for a career fair, interview or networking event, colors matter as much as the clothing you select. Colors do say something to us subliminally and illicit very different emotional responses. So be conscious of this when selecting which of you favorite shirts or blouses to wear in a  business setting!

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The Perfect Overcoat


High-performance jackets help you weather severe storms. Even if you're just trekking to Star bucks.


The down jacket is back from the dead. Opt for the newer slim me down versions and you'll avoid any comparisons to the Michelin Man.


An overcoat cut slim with a hem that hits the knee will keep you warm without-weighing you down.


Polished and masculine, the camel overcoat complements everything from suits to corduroy.


The pea coat now comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. Stick with lean, shoulder-hugging versions in classic blue, gray, or black.


Jean jackets have Ieached icon status in part because of their versatility.
You can even wear one with a shirt and tie.


Military style has applied to coats since men rode horses into battle. Army-inspired jackets are as stylish as they are utilitarian.


When a parka is too casual and a camel coat too formal, the functional and classic Barbour jacket steps in.



Another military design adapted to civilian use: The trench handles the
as well as the wet.


If the weather report says rainy but warm, the Mac is indispensable.


A collegiate staple, the toggle coat-without the hood-can be grown-up. Use this casual overcoat to smarten up weekend looks.

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Hat, Scarves and Gloves


Simple, elegant, and functional,
leather gloves are a must-have in
the winter months.


Keep warm with a snug knit hat.
Choose one that doesn't droop
over your eyebrows or form a peak
on top of your head.


A traditional colorful way to
show your allegiance to your
alma mater-and keep yourself
warm too.


Although the popularity of
hats has declined since the
fifties, the fedora is a classic
that won't disappear.


Not just for the park anyn1ore,
baseball caps come in more
upscale fabrics and colors.


Choose your winter' scarf with
care-a chunky version will overwhelm
your suit and coat. Go for
a thinner version in cashmere.


A distinctively English style that
has taken on a hip-hop flavor. The
driving cap looks best with rough
woolens and cloth coats


When it's cool rather than chilly,
a cotton scarf in a bright color
offers flare when matched with
a dark suit.

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