Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rules of Matching Ties and Shirt

Some men become paralyzed when they try to match ties with shirts. But different patterns and textures can look knowingly stylish - if you follow this guide.


Why it works?
The dominant colors in both shirt and tie are the same tone., but not a perfect match. The flecked texture of wool tie provides a contrast with the shirt's classic windowpane.


Why it works?
Stripes and checks can work when the shirt and tie share a common color. Make sure one of the two (in this case the tie) is bolder than the older


Why it works?
The bigger the checks, the more casual the shirt. Match that feeling with a textured tie in a loose knot. To make it more formal, switch the tie to a silk one and tighten the knot

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tailored Suits

 See the difference of tailored suits on the RIGHT

So are you ready to get that tailored suit now? This is how your tailored suits should fit.
The Shoulder

It should be snug not tight, but not tight. Even the best tailor can't rework a shoulder.

The Waist

The body of the jacket should skim your torso and the waistband should sit at your waist, not lower.

The Hem

Your pants should have a slight break on your shoe. Pant cuffs are appropriate only if our pants have pleats and you're over 5'9". Flat front pants call for an uncuffed leg.

The Button

When you wear 2 or 3 button suit jacket, the bottom button always stays undone.

The Lapel

The tie and lapel should relate to each other in width. A narrow lapel calls for a slim tie. 

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The Perfect Fit: Dress Shirt

A dress shirt should make you look good and flatter the body you've worked hard to build. A shirt that's too large can make a big guy look bigger, a small guy look tiny and any guy look sloppy. Here's how to find the right fit.


When your shirt is completely unbuttoned, you should be able to stick one or two fingers in your collar comfortably. If you can turn your head without choking, it's a good fit.


The seam should sit at the shoulder, it can be half an inch over, but never under. If it's more than half an inch over, the body may be too loose r boxy. Too much under and the armhole will be uncomfortable.


A collar or cuff that does not fit cannot be altered. A shirt body can be taken in but never let out.


Your body should be able to pinch an inch of fabric on each side of your body. Any more and the fit will be too loose. Look for darting (the sewn-in shaping) which indicates a slimmer fit. The shirt should fall at least seven inches below your waist; you should be able to lift your arms without the shirt coming untucked.


A shirt cuff should sit 1-1.5 inches above your thumb joint. If you can slide your hand through a cuff without unbuttoning it, the cuffs probably to big.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Things Worth Splurging Before Christmas

Forever Blue

Get a pair of your favorite blue jeans at this time of month. 

Buying smart is all about knowing which items to scrimp on (like regular tees) and which items to splurge on like good quality shoes. Stylish and comfortable shoes can last you several years with out looking out of style and without the danger of falling apart. Tod's shoes are famous not just for their high quality materials and handmade finish, but more so for its enduring reputation as one of the world's best leather goods brand.

Wrist Candy

Used to be that men's watches came in either earth toned leather straps or sporty metal
straps - nothing else. They were meant after all to blend with your outfit and not to be conspicuous. Now all that has changed. Watches come in shocking neon colors with straps in leather, rubber, metal or even a daring combo of both materials. This watch should be apart from what you already have and wearing almost everyday.

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Get The Pair To Match Your Lifestyle

It's not true that women dominate the realm of the shoe fetish. Men have it too. They talk about it with their friends compare who has the latest edition of high tech sneakers, or even ask where they can get a nice leather pair for work. They discuss the shoe merits with the detached objectivity and monotone voice of a scientist or inspector. The specs counts. they can;t just be cute or the perfect match to a long sleeve top. They need to be comfortable too as guys will never sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Another more recent addition to this shoe checklist is how seamlessly they can blend in with the wearer's lifestyle. And it is in the vague and fast moving area that the modern shoe hybrid  comes to play - welcome the lifestyle shoes. What is it exactly and what it is for? To be honest there's no straight answer to that. They are for whatever purpose you might need them for - a stroll in the mall, a coffee date with your girl or a company outing. These shoes cover that gray area between the dress shoe and the scruffy sneaks.. they're stylized sneaks and dresses-down wingtips. They have metallic strips of color that make them funky enough for clubbing, distressed leather for daily pavement pounding and even shiny patent leather  for snazzy, evening events.

Lifestyle shoes - they've got all you gray areas covered.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Layer it Right

The coolweather calls for warmer clothes. Here are the basic tips on how to layer without looking like the marshmallow man.

Layer thinner fabrics with thicker jackets or coats. You can still wear you favorite tee from summer or you regular work shirts with you knot sweaters or bulky jackets. Avoid wearing a thick sweater with another heavy and bulky item.

Remember that darker colors will do a better job in keeping you warm than lighter colors. So for instant body heat, black, darker gray and blue are your best bets.

Instead of you usual sports jacket or windbreaker, try wearing vests cardigans - they can instantly warm you up without making you look sloppy and unkept.

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Guys be wise - moisturize!

It might seem a touch of enthusiastic to start an anti-aging routine early on, but it's worth knowing that using a good moisturizer as early as age 18 can help slow down the ageing process.


Choose one based on you skin type. If you have oily skin, use one that regulates production of oil. If you have dull, uneven skin, choose one that has whitening ingredients. Wrinkled? Get one that contains anti-ageing ingredients.


It's important  that you moisturize every morning after washing with the added benefit of SPF protection ensures you stay protected against the sun's harmful aging rays.


Do not Splat the moisturizer all over you face. Dispense a pea size amount on your finger and gently apply it on key areas of your face - forehead, cheeks and neck. USe an upward circular motion and avoid your eye area.

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