Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Achieving the Look by Accessorizing

Sometimes, it is the little things that count.  A simple watch or pair of sunglasses will complete an ensemble and the look you want to achieve.  It is not merely the clothes you wear; but to some extent, it is also what you wear with those clothes.  Everyone is keen to add something extra to our personality by way of accessories; and, there are thousands to choose from.  The key is in choosing which one works and which ones don’t. 

In most cases, you can complete a look with the right sunglasses; but, this can also be tricky.  It is said that all men should have a good pair of sunglasses in order to make a good and lasting impression.  Try to avoid pairs that overwhelm your face; those that are chunky and over-sized.  They should be cool and solid; ones that slightly hug and cover the eyes to achieve an alluring; yet, appealing image.  Sunglasses come in many different shapes, colors and sizes.  Typical glasses have black frames and have relatively dark lenses to shade unwanted light.  However; as you may have guessed already, they are not only worn for their function, but for their fashion.  Since their very humble beginnings, sunglasses have been a symbol of stature and have defined the personality of dozens of celebrities. 

Other accessories would include wallets which could act as a fashion statement; especially, if there is money inside.  Popular among both men and women are watching.  There are specific watches that can be worn with casual wear that does not quite match in formal attire.  Most watches; whether analogue or digital, can be combined with any outfit.  Those with a shade of black, gray, or brown are neutral to common styles of men’s wear.  There are also bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. The accessory you wear should  complete your look.             

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