Monday, December 3, 2012

Tailored Suits

 See the difference of tailored suits on the RIGHT

So are you ready to get that tailored suit now? This is how your tailored suits should fit.
The Shoulder

It should be snug not tight, but not tight. Even the best tailor can't rework a shoulder.

The Waist

The body of the jacket should skim your torso and the waistband should sit at your waist, not lower.

The Hem

Your pants should have a slight break on your shoe. Pant cuffs are appropriate only if our pants have pleats and you're over 5'9". Flat front pants call for an uncuffed leg.

The Button

When you wear 2 or 3 button suit jacket, the bottom button always stays undone.

The Lapel

The tie and lapel should relate to each other in width. A narrow lapel calls for a slim tie. 


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