Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get The Pair To Match Your Lifestyle

It's not true that women dominate the realm of the shoe fetish. Men have it too. They talk about it with their friends compare who has the latest edition of high tech sneakers, or even ask where they can get a nice leather pair for work. They discuss the shoe merits with the detached objectivity and monotone voice of a scientist or inspector. The specs counts. they can;t just be cute or the perfect match to a long sleeve top. They need to be comfortable too as guys will never sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Another more recent addition to this shoe checklist is how seamlessly they can blend in with the wearer's lifestyle. And it is in the vague and fast moving area that the modern shoe hybrid  comes to play - welcome the lifestyle shoes. What is it exactly and what it is for? To be honest there's no straight answer to that. They are for whatever purpose you might need them for - a stroll in the mall, a coffee date with your girl or a company outing. These shoes cover that gray area between the dress shoe and the scruffy sneaks.. they're stylized sneaks and dresses-down wingtips. They have metallic strips of color that make them funky enough for clubbing, distressed leather for daily pavement pounding and even shiny patent leather  for snazzy, evening events.

Lifestyle shoes - they've got all you gray areas covered.


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