Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Things Worth Splurging Before Christmas

Forever Blue

Get a pair of your favorite blue jeans at this time of month. 

Buying smart is all about knowing which items to scrimp on (like regular tees) and which items to splurge on like good quality shoes. Stylish and comfortable shoes can last you several years with out looking out of style and without the danger of falling apart. Tod's shoes are famous not just for their high quality materials and handmade finish, but more so for its enduring reputation as one of the world's best leather goods brand.

Wrist Candy

Used to be that men's watches came in either earth toned leather straps or sporty metal
straps - nothing else. They were meant after all to blend with your outfit and not to be conspicuous. Now all that has changed. Watches come in shocking neon colors with straps in leather, rubber, metal or even a daring combo of both materials. This watch should be apart from what you already have and wearing almost everyday.


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