Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit Ideas

I have compiled a few outfit ideas to fit each guys everyday style.

    1. Extra Slim Fit Oxford Stripe Sport Shirt
    2. Madras Pocket Square
    3. Seahorse Slim Tie
    4. Penny Loafer

As long as it is not made of wool, wearing a navy suit would be a good choice. Pick a fabric that lets you breathe. Pair this with penny loafers and a bow tie, turn the bow tie into a pocket square if the occasion is more informal.


    1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses with BB#1 Repp Stripe
    2. Shawl Collar Tipped Cardigan
    3. Double Plaid Madras Slim Tie
    4. Milano Plain Front Whale Embroidered Pant

I know what you're saying this is more of a summer look. But you gotta admit it these Red chinos and pink shorts are a bright style of choice. I still believe this has to be seen this season. 


    1. Cotton Pincord Fitzgerald Fit Suit
    2. Social Primer for Brooks Brothers BB#3 Repp Stripe and Madras
    3. Classic All Cotton Solid Extra Slim Fit Dress Shirt
    4. Classic Bucks

Pair the same jacket with jeans and a white polo, it lends itself to a variety of looks for more casual outings. White bucks are the classic footwear choice to pair with pincord seersucker, although other colors like tan and brown work well, too. If it’s a casual occasion, consider a pair of white or navy sneakers.



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