Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Perfect Fit

No matter what you paid for it- or how trim your torso-if your shirt doesn't fit properly, you're going to look like a schlump. Most men wear theirs a full half size too big. And a blousy, billowy shirt is just as unflattering as a skin-tight one. And while you may have your measurements memorized, the numbers don't always add up- no two manufacturers' shirts fit exactly alike. Try a shirt on before you buy it, take an honest look at yourself in the mirror, and follow these guidelines for honing in on the perfect fit:

There's a lot of middle ground between too loose and too tight. Find it. The shirt should be snug in the chest, but not so snug that the fabric pulls between the buttons.

Beefier guys should get a shirt with box pleats in the back-two folds between the shoulder blades- for a little more room, without extra volume. Those with slimmer builds should opt for fitted styles that contour down toward the waist. Either way, the seams of the shirt should lie on the curve of your deltoids (those are the muscles right behind your shoulders-the ones you'd work if you did push-ups).

Sit down while you're wearing the shirt. It should skim your waist but leave just enough room to give when you're seated (and full).

The golden rule here hasn't changed: You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers in between your neck and the collar of the shirt when it's buttoned.

The cuffs of the shirt should fall in the crook between  the base of your thumb and your wrist.

The tails should be long enough to lie under your rear end when you're seated. That will prevent the shirt from riding up or coming untucked. It will also give you better posture.


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