Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pants Options

This is a continuation of my last post about the basic rules on wearing pants. I have decided to cover more about pants and made a list of what's out there.

                               KHAKI                                         BLACK


Its origins in the British military make khaki's strengths clear: the fabric is tough, and it is suitable for both office and urban combat. Opt for modern cuts for pants-slim, flat-fronted-that many retailers have made available over the past few years .


This is your alternative to navy blue. Just don't wear pants in the somber color with a white shirt you'll end up being asked what the
entree special is.

                         NAVY CHINO                            PLEATED                                     PINSTRIPE


These pants can do double-duty as dressy weekend attire or casual work wear. Pair them with a slim fitting white oxford shirt.


Pants with pleats hang better. They give the crease more room to fall and make your legs look longer. But no pair of pants needs more than two pleats.


Match a pair of pinstripe trousers- the lines should be pencil thin- with a pressed collared shirt and you have a fail-safe dinner party

                           LINEN                                                              CUFFED


If you ever need to sleep in your pants, make sure they're linen. The fabric, which is made from flax, looks great rumpled: It also absorbs moisture, and will keep you cool on the hottest of days .


Cuffs are a style choice that evokes prep school. If you're on the taller side you might consider them, as uncuffed pants accentuate the length of your legs.

                           TWEED                                        CARGO                            WOOL FLANNEL


The Scottish textile has lost its fuddy-duddy image and is now a fixture in many designer collections. And whether ifs in the form of checks, herringbone, or twill, tweed is a great choice for pants, as ifs Mike Tyson tough.


Both high-end designers and mainstream fashion retailers made a mint off cargo pants during the dress-down nineties. And as long as you don't stuff the pockets, the military-inspired pants are still a great alternative to jeans and khakis- on weekends only.


Another durable choice, flannel's warmth and softness are surely the qualities that made it such a big hit with L.A. gang bangers a decade ago. Pants cut from the cloth are a good choice even if your name doesn't have the word Dogg in it.


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