Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shorts and Swimwear: When to Wear Them

Now I am writing this since most guys I see doesn't seem to know that what they are wearing on the streets are actually swimwears. While I am totally fine with this, but I just think that guys should know when to wear and what they are actually wearing.

                                                            DENIM SHORTS


Shorts should be worn with caution. By all means, mow the lawn in shorts, lounge by the pool in them, even stroll through your local farn1ers' market displaying your legs to the world. Do not, however, enter your boss's office for your next performance appraisal wearing shorts or go on a date wearing them unless you're a professional surfer.


                                                 RUNNING SHORTS

And avoid going to a restaurant without covering your legs unless you're in the drive-thru lane. If it's that hot out, wear summer-weight pants. If shorts are appropriate for the occasion, choose a style that is in proportion to your body and flatters your best features. Got legs Floyd Landis would envy? Then go for the shorter-mid-thigh-shorts.

Got chicken legs? Get a knee-length pair that are more like abbreviated pants.


Unlike most Europeans, who have a fondness for bathing suits that resemble briefs, American men are most comfortable with what are essentially shorts made from quick-drying fabric. Don't ignore the fit of your trunks. Try them on to figure out if they're appropriate for your body shape. The leaner you are, the more fitted you can go. If you have a fuller figure,  a more generous bathing suit will help to balance things out.

                CARGO SHORTS                                                                                   TROUSER SHORTS

                ELASTIC WAIST SWIM TRUNKS                                                    CLASSIC-CUT SWIM TRUNKS


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