Monday, October 15, 2012

Casual Shirt Basics


Every man needs a pile of freshly laundered, well-cut white T-shirts to call his own. Paired with the right items, tees are adaptable enough to be worn under a sport jacket or just with jeans or chinos. Reliable Hanes are good for layering under sweaters and collared shirts, but spring for finer-gauge varieties if you're going to wear the shirt solo.



This variation on the classic tee is best limited to
lounging around at home or at the beach. Pair with
jeans or chinos.


Not all polo shirts are created equal. The loose knit pique cotton shirts first designed by tennis player Rene Lacoste back in 1929 have become a classic that's found favor with everyone from prepsters to rappers. Note: Unless you're Jay-Z, a loose shirt isn't a good look.


Named after the shirts worn by the rowers of Henleyon-Thames in England, the modern version of the henley is a collarless top, usually of woven cotton, with buttons running down the chest. The henley can be worn with jeans or even dark trousers to an informal event as an alternative to the T-shirt. Avoid looking like a fop from an Evelyn Waugh novel by choosingone that's slim fitting and undoing the top coupleof buttons.


As anyone who's ever played the game of rugby can testify that the durability of the uniform is a natural wonder. Taken out of its sporting context, the rugby shirt is a fun, masculine top you can wear to Sunday brunch. The more you wear and wash it the. better it gets, as the thick cotton breaks down and becomes mote worn in. Rugby shirts work best in bold horizontal stripes, but don't go crazy-too many primary hues and you'll look like a presenter on Playhouse Disney.


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