Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blazer Don'ts

1.Don't do too busy

It's a blazer, not a billboard. If you want to demonstrate
your risk taking personality, find another venue.

2. Don't hold on

Some pieces of clothing actually look better frayed and faded, but blazers are not on that list. Once a jacket's lost its structure and color, it's time to get yourself a new one.

3. Don't wear poor fitting blazers

It's not the blazer's fault you don't know what your size is.
Clothes that fit are so much more comfortable, let alone stylish. Give them a try.

4. Don't flip you collars indoors

Hey, James Dean, put your collar down. There's nothing wrong with using your sport jacket like a jacket. If there's a chill, dose the lapels over each other and enjoy the extra warmth. But once you get inside, put your collar down.

5. Don't wear leather blazers

Unless you're on your way to make a collection for La Familia, stay away from leather .


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