Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guide to Fall Shopping: Blazers

This fall blazer will be all over town, you'll need all the help you can get in making sure you are buying the right one.

Start with basic blazers blue or multicolor check that give you a lot of options. When you've got two or three of those (and that will get you through a surprisingly large number of occasions) indulge yourself in the jacket that turns heads a word about fabrics.

Blazers are all about fun, but think carefully about how you're going to wear that khaki blazer before you buy it. Middle-of-the-road .
fabrics like blue wool have a lot of range But the outer edges of the spectrum-velvet on one side and khaki on the other -require skill to pull off.

Price points still matter. So, you're better off spending a lot more on a conservative, versatile blazer, (yes, the boring blue one), and less on fashion whims. Over time, you'll find that the old standby not only gives you goodvalue but it will free up cash over the long haul for impulse buys.

When you try on your blazer bring a sweater with you and put it on first there's a good chance you're going to do some layering with either a summer - fall - or winter jacket. Make sure you have that extra margin of safety by trying the blazer on with something extra underneath.

For more about blazers,  read our next post on how to wear and pull off this classic piece.


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