Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

Let me just say that women have it easier on Halloween. I have compiled a few outfit ideas for you clueless monsters out there.

Captain Jack Sparrow

If you can pull off that bad-ass pirate look like Johnny Depp then why not? 

300 Spartan Deluxe

Well, since girls have an excuse of wearing practically nothing during this occasion, why can't you? The more muscles, the better. For those countless hours spent on the gym, I think you deserve to just show it off!


Now this would look great with your girl. Plus she gets to be in this sexy outfit that matches yours, so cheesy. But I'm sure she will absolutely love this idea.

US Navy Seal 

Admit it! You have somehow dreamed to be on this one. Women love men in uniform and this would be just what you need to get all 'em girls.


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