Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall must-haves this week

Tweed Jacket

The is the autumnal equivalent of summer's soft shouldered blazers. Whether you're tempted by the kind of loud checks that characterized 1970's tailoring, these are the jackets to reach for as a seasonal default.


Great Coat

In recent years the overcoat has shrunk to the point where it's little more than single breasted peacoat, but this season more elegant shapes are available and they look and feel right once again. The inspiration is the kind of broad-shouldered
double breasted overcoats that men used to wear before the advent of central heating.


Denim Shirt

Once upon a time denim shirts were durable work wear designed for men toiling under the Californian sun, but these days their chief virtue is the depth of colour and texture that they bring to the outfit. The denim's shirt position as weekend wear is unassailable, but its also interesting to mix it with more formal clothes, try one under a tweed jacket.


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