Saturday, November 3, 2012



If your jewelry or cufflinks are the first thing somebody comments on when they look at you, they're probably a little too much. A watch should be discreet, not opulent. It should
go with everything.

It's fun to wear things that are "of the moment." Just not everything. That's too much.

You need to sense the body underneath the clothes. When you can't see the body underneath the clothing, it looks sloppy.

I really admire men who can wear ties. I love the idea of it, but men my age don't feel comfortable in a suit. I feel like such a prick in one, like I'm pretending to be the big guy here. And I'm really sick  of that suit-with-sneakers-and T- shirtlook. The shoes are key. I hate when you see someone in tailored  pants and brand-new sneakers and you can just tell it's so not their personality. I want to tell them to get a nice pair of brogues.

A suit needs a nice classic shirt. Opulent prints and bright colors are better with jeans and chinos than suits.  I think guys are definitely less intimidated by the whole concept of grooming in the last few years, but it has  nothing to do with those five guys [from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy]. It has more to do with people like David Beckham, a straight guy brave enough to go out in a skirt or pluck his eyebrows. And he's the most
masculine soccer player, married to this beautiful woman. That's more influential than those five guys


 A few little squirts of fragrance on your chest is better than ten squirts on your neck. And unless you're really, really handsome, don't get highlights.

You have to be a certain type to carry off a leather jacket. If you do wear one, it should be tailored. A boxy one will age you.

When it comes to dressing, I think men have to try a little harder, a little less hard as well. It's contradictory,  but I think we're lazy. You have to be a little adventurous, but you have to listen to your soul and have good instincts. You know if you look like a dick. You have mirrors.


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