Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Wear Colored Socks

Wearing brightly colored socks is a look championed by Italians and British men who like to indulge their peacock tendencies a little more than American men do. Don't let that put you off: Stripes, dots, argyles, and checks- or just plain color- can make a bold statement. Done badly, however it can make you look like a chump.

Transition from blue, gray, and black by wearing socks in subtle patterns or lighter blues and browns. They'll match the clothes you already have.

While you might not want to go the whole hog, try red socks with jeans and brown shoes.

Stripes, patterned, and clocked socks are for style connoisseurs only. Apply similar rules as the ones for shirts and ties- match colors and balance scale.

Bear the following in mind: Socks are a transition from the pants to the shoe. Try to keep one color constant or blend the two colors being brought together.

When in doubt, lean toward the color of the pants. Think a bout the shirt and tie you are wearing. If you pickup colors from the shirt and tie, your socks will  blend seamlessly into the same outfit.


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