Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Right Shape of Sunglasses For You

We've all been there. You walk into a store and impulsively purchase a pair of glasses or sunglasses. You wear them once and decide that they make you look like Bingo from the Banana Splits. So you throw them in a drawer  and leave them there with the other half dozen pairs you own that have barely seen the light of day. The moral of the story don't go freestyle when buying glasses. Before you make a purchase have a long, hard think about the shape of your face and what types of frames would best suit you.

Ask your optician to fit your frames properly and get the lightest weight lenses possible so that you're not constantly pushing them up the bridge of your nose. If your prescription necessitates heavy lenses, get a pair of frames with ear loops·, or be sure that the temples fit snugly enough to keep your glasses securely on your head.



If you have a broad forehead and a narrow chin, choose glasses that  mimic your bone structure and help to accentuate the eyes. A pair of aviators would work well. And consider the lenses: bold tints won't don't work with glasses like this so consider gradient lenses.



Long, lean faces need frames that accentuate width. Forget delicate, John Lennon-style glasses and opt for heavy plastic wraparound and frames with oversize lenses.



Full cheeks and a curved jaw line call for frames with a contrasting, angular shape. In order to create a sense of balance, make sure the corners are slightly rounded, not sharp.


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